• Text Book: Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, by Tanenbaum and Woodhull
  • Presentations: Review Minix3 sources and writing documentation about its implementation
  • Optional Projects:
  • Project1
  • ~~Project2 (CANCELED)~~
  • Google Group ( For discussing and Qestions ) :
  • UK92OSB


  • You should select a group up to two.
  • As i mentioned above, a specific source file (.c) and its relevent topic in Minix3 are given to you, So you should review the code and check all the codes and calls, Then you write a documentation about its work and implementation. Obviously you can use Web and source's comments.
  • You may take presentation about what you do.


  • 20% of any project's point always dedicated to documentation. So document anything along coding or ...
  • ~~-5% of any project's point for each day you are late.~~
  • I absolutely prefer to have partial-working project than no project at all.
  • you can use Google group i listed above to ask your questions or discuss about your work with your classmates. I always try to answer your questions but please first of all check your question or problem on Web.